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It’s New Year’s Day Here On The Border!

Join us as we spend New Years in Big Bend, hiking through mountains and relaxing in hot springs to Las Cruces, New Mexico where we take in the glorious views of the Organ Mountains.

Adventures in Utah Part One: Zion and Bryce Canyon

The Virgin River carving through Zion Canyon. From Brookings, Oregon, we started the trek south to make it back to Texas in time for the holidays with our families. On the way south we boondocked at Mud Lake Trail head in Hat Creek, California at a great site. Then spent a few days in Lake ...

New Year, New Us: Goals for 2019

After reflecting on our first six months of full-timing on the road, we’ve created some goals for ourselves and our RV lifestyle in 2019.

Zigzagging Around Our Paradise: Oregon!

After our month in Portland, Oregon, we were able to visit tons of amazing places in the great state of Oregon. We had a bit of a hectic route, zigzagging down the state.

Adventures in Bridgetown: A Month in Portland

Check out our adventures in Portland as we come back in from the wild for the last few months.

The Sunset You Never Get Tired Of: Grand Teton National Park

We don’t think you ever get used to the view of The Tetons.

First Month on the Road

Our first month on the road flew by as we traveled from Austin, Texas to Wyoming.