New Year, New Us: Goals for 2019

After reflecting on our first six months of full-timing on the road, we’ve created some goals for ourselves and our RV lifestyle in 2019.

Matthew, Meaghan, and Gizmo Portrait

2018 was a big year for us!  We decided to make a huge life change and take a big risk by buying an RV, selling and donating almost all of our belongings, and hitting the road.  We are so grateful and happy with the decision we made and look forward to the new adventures and experiences this next year will bring. After reflecting on our first few months of full-timing on the road, we’ve created some goals for ourselves and our RV lifestyle in 2019.

1. Get Off the Grid

In 2019, we are trying to boondock as much as possible.  We’ve discovered that we love having our own space and not being in a crowded RV park.  We have found that boondocking not only saves us a lot of money, but also helps us be more aware of our water and electricity usage.  It also allows us to stay in some really beautiful places with easy access to trails. We love this lifestyle and want to continue as long as we can and not spending money on camping fees is a great way to reduce our monthly expenses.

2.  Reduce Reuse Recycle Rihanna (for all you Broad City fans)

Living in Austin we were spoiled with very convenient recycling and composting opportunities.  After living on the road for a few months we have realized we really took this for granted. We know it is almost impossible to live completely waste free but we want to be more mindful about it.  

In 2019 we are going to try to create less waste. We will continue to use reusable water bottles, mugs, etc. We will use cloth napkins, paper towels, and facial rounds in order to cut back on our paper waste. Also, we will continue using reusable grocery, produce bags and we will continue lugging around our recyclables until we find a responsible way to dispose of them. We are also going to purchase and consume less items with packaging and plan to research composting opportunities that would be manageable while living on the road.  This beautiful planet we are exploring is fragile and we want to keep it beautiful for future generations!

3. Make New Friends: A Challenge for Two Introverts

We both think of ourselves as introverts and struggle with initiating conversations and meeting new people.  The idea of going up to a random person camping nearby makes us feel uncomfortable. However, this year we want to step out of our comfort zones and try to make more friends with people on the road and via social media.  We know there are so many cool people out there living a similar lifestyle and think it would be awesome to connect with them and share stories. So, if you see us out in a national park or a national forest, come by and say hey!

4. Videos, Pictures, Blogs! Oh my!

One of our big goals this year is to start producing videos to share our adventures and grow our social media following.  Over the holidays, we got a drone to help us create better videos that really show the beauty of the places where we are living from day to day.  Our goal is to help other people achieve their goal of living full time in their RVs with blog posts and videos. We love this lifestyle and want others to be able to experience it too.  

5. Volunteering

We enjoyed volunteering opportunities while living in Austin and in 2019 we would like to try to do more volunteering while on the road.  We would love to be able to volunteer in the parks that we are visiting to help keep them beautiful for others to enjoy. This year we plan to search for opportunities in areas where we will be spending two weeks or more so we can give back to the temporary community we’re a part of.  

6. More Exercise

We do a lot of hiking and have an active lifestyle, but we want to be even more active and exercise more.  This year we are going to join some friends in completing a hundred days of fitness to help us get started with this goal. We found a reasonably priced gym membership through Planet Fitness and purchased some easily transportable work out equipment to help us achieve our goal.  

7. Come Visit Us!

We were so fortunate to have several visits from family and friends last year.  These visits were some of our favorite memories from our first few months on the road.  We truly love this lifestyle, but love sharing it with our friends and family even more.  We are looking forward to hosting more friends in the upcoming year and can’t wait to make more memories with loved ones!  

This list is just a few things that we are making a conscious effort to do this year.  We’re always looking for more adventure, fun, and excitement to live life to the fullest. Here’s to seeing what 2019 has in store for us!

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your travels. I look forward to reading many more.


  2. Good goals for 2019! Bravo!! Maybe we can contribute to N° 7 !!!


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