Shadow Mountain Dispersed – Grand Teton National Park

This was the perfect spot for us as we explored Grand Teton National Park. This campsite is approximately 45 minutes from Jackson, WY, 15 minutes from the Moose entrance to GTNP, and 40 minutes to the Moran entrance to GTNP. It had great views of the Teton Mountain Range, was relatively quiet, and conveniently located.

There are two distinct areas–the group area at the base of the mountain and the individual sites up the mountain road. Previous reviews of this site made us believe that we could take our trailer up the mountain… that was a big mistake. We now believe previous comments describing the road as “interesting” were referring to the road into the lower group area and not the mountain road. I would describe the mountain road as treacherous and nearly impossible to turn around for a trailer. I cannot express enough how a large trailer should not attempt this road. The road leading in would be passable for anyone but you must drive slow and watch your clearance.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 10.46.58 AM

Area on left is the group area at bottom of the mountain. On the right is the mountain area.

On the lower area there are three areas–the first has 9 sites sites, the second has two and the third has two as well. The last two areas are more suited for larger groups while the first loop are individual sites. Unlike most boondocking, the sites are all designated and there are signs for no camping outside of designated sites. All sites were relatively level and had views of the Tetons.

There are no facilities. No drinking water, no trash, no dump, and no pit toilets. However, there are a number of options for dumping tanks and filling water. Gros Ventre campground, approximately 25 minutes away has a dump and fresh water for $10 for non-guests. The Shell station in Jackson does as well for $10 or $5 with gas (it was some of the cheaper gas in town).

We had adequate service for most of our work tasks on both AT&T and Verizon but it definitely fluctuated throughout the day.

There are only a few dings I would give this campsite. The whole area was covered in extremely fine dirt. This in combination with the very strong afternoon winds would create huge dust clouds that came in through our windows and made our trailer very dirty. The other thing would be the bugs. There were a lot of bugs like horse flies, bees, and mosquitos. On Friday and Saturday night, the campground really filled up with people taking every available (and not available) spot. This wasn’t too much of an issue as they mostly left early the next morning.

Other than those things, this place was amazing. When we come back to the Tetons, we will definitely stay here again.

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