From The Snowy Summits To The Sea: Our Time In Washington State

While in Washington, we had the opportunity to visit lots of cool places in the three weeks we were there! Check out our adventures from the mountains to the ocean.

Sunset from La Push Beach.

While in Washington, we had the opportunity to visit lots of cool places in the three weeks we were there! We started out in Spokane, headed to North Cascades National Park, Lake Wenatchee State Park, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, and last but definitely not least, La Push.  We loved exploring Washington and definitely have plans to return and explore more! Keep reading to learn about where we stayed and what we did!

North Cascades National Park

First, we spent a couple of days in Spokane, Washington between Glacier and North Cascades to take care of some things.  We were able to have lunch with another friend in Spokane at a tasty spot called Cascadia Public House.  It was great to see another friend and visit a Trader Joe’s in Spokane.

We drove through crazy amounts of smoke on our way to North Cascades National Park.  The town of Twisp may have been the worse we had seen yet and it was actually evacuated the following day.

Matt, Meaghan, and Mo in front of the North Cascades National Park sign.

Newhalem Campground

We stayed at Newhalem Campground August 22 through the 27th and it was a beautiful, lush, green campground.  Surrounded by huge moss covered trees and ferns, we were in heaven. We had access to a beautiful creek within walking distance of our site and several trails nearby.  While we were there, we explored the Rock Shelter Trail, The River Loop Trail, Know Your Tree Trail, and the ranger led Ladder Falls night walk.

Until now, we hadn’t done any of the ranger led programs and we both really enjoyed this one.  By the end of the night, we learned a lot about the Newhalem area of the park and got to see Ladder Falls at night with a light show. This was also maybe the only park that explicitly recognized the mistreatment and displacement of the indigenous people who inhabited this land first.  We really appreciated the rangers recognizing this and discussing it.

Gizmo standing on her mossy throne in the North Cascades.

It rained quite a bit while we were here, but we really enjoyed relaxing in and working from the trailer while staring out the windows at the beautiful trees.  On one of the less rainy days, we hiked the Thunder Knob Trail and enjoyed the beautiful views.  

Meaghan and Gizmo in front of the Skagit River outside the Newhalem Campground.

This was another place we will definitely have to return to.  The smoke cleared while we were there, but the views were not as clear as they usually are.  

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Taking in the sun while looking out over Lake Wenatchee.

This was a hidden gem of a park! It’s right outside of the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA and was absolutely beautiful! We visited this park for a few days at the end of August and it wasn’t very crowded and the weather was great! We enjoyed the walking trails around the lake.

View of Lake Wenatchee from the beach in Lake Wenatchee State Park.

We spent a day exploring Leavenworth.  There are lots of cute shops and restaurants and everything has Bavarian style.  We’ve heard the best time to visit this town is during the holidays because there are tons of decorations!  We ate a traditional German lunch at a restaurant while in town.

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

We ended up staying at Money Creek Campground in Skykomish, WA because we were unable to find a great boondocking site with service.  This was a great spot with huge moss covered trees and ferns everywhere! The only downfall to this campground was the nearby train that literally shook the trailer as it went by every few hours!

View of our site at Money Creek Campground.

We enjoyed hiking in the Deception Falls area. The water was crystal clear and there were several beautiful waterfalls we explored.  We also enjoyed a hike to Barclay Lake.  The hike was super nice with lots of trees, mosses, ferns, fungus, and little waterfalls.  

Crystal-clear pool down stream of Deception Falls.

We had some good downtime while we were at Money Creek. I set up my hammock and napped under the rain. We got to take lots of slow, easy hikes along the river and along the train tracks. 

While we were driving down a forest road, we came across a scary site–a camper had driven off the road! It looked like they had tried to pry the hitch out of the ground with a 2×4, telling me that they didn’t dump the trailer on purpose. What a sad sight! 

La Push

Wavs crash along the Washington State coast on La Push beach.

We stayed at the Quilieute Ocean View RV Resort which gave us easy access and amazing views of the spectacular Washington Coast.  For all you Twilight fans, this area is where Jacob’s tribe is from. : ) We enjoyed lots of walks along the beach, watching the waves crash into the rocks, and were fortunate enough to see several whales and sea lions!

The Mice Incident

The first night in La Push after eating dinner, Gizmo starting acting really strange and sniffing around the kitchen. We heard some strange sounds too. Gizmo started barking and pawing at the cabinet where we keep the trash can. Meaghan bravely opened the cabinet to find a teeny, tiny stowaway mouse in the trash can! 

Matt took the trash can outside and guided the mouse out of the trash can only to find THREE MORE baby mice in the trash can! Being the animal lovers we are, we thought they were super cute, but also definitely didn’t want them inside the trailer. They’re not that cute.  We spent the next day trying to find their entrance point, stuffing the trailer with dryer sheets, steel wool, and cotton balls with peppermint oil in hopes of keeping them out for good.  Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. More on the mice later.

Next, we went into Forks, WA to work from Jitterbugs, a cute coffee shop in town.  Forks has some fun Twilight signs and I think there’s even a museum.  We aren’t huge fans so we didn’t check it out, but we did binge all the movies while in La Push.  

One of our favorite days in La Push included Rialto Beach.  We enjoyed a nice stroll on the beach at sunset while checking out the tide pools.  The forest that leads up to the ocean is so beautiful and unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  Matt had lots of fun turning kelp into lassos and we saw another sea lion! We explored all the tide pools around the area. They were completely filled with life.  

From the snow-capped peaks of the cascades, to the lush forests, and the rocky coasts, Washington provides everything we love about nature and is definitely high on our list of places to live if we stop living nomadically. Finally, from Washington we made the journey to Portland, Oregon where we spent the majority of the month.

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