“Where Are Y’all Going?” (I Love Trip Planning!)

I’m not afraid to admit it–I love trip planning! I have planned two trips to Europe, many road trips, and a few backpacking trips. Now, my life will just be one big trip to plan. How could I not be excited about that!

There is a lot of debate about reservations vs. no reservations in the RV world. There are definite trade offs to each approach. Reservations can keep you in places you end up not liking and make you leave somewhere you love earlier than you would like. However, I have learned, that during the summer it can be very difficult to find spots in popular tourist attractions. Yellowstone National Park is the perfect example. I started looking at spots in Yellowstone for mid-August in late-March and there was literally one reservable space available for our trailer size (and our trailer is not the biggest trailer out there, at 29ft).

Our approach so far has been to make reservations in the more trafficked areas (National Parks, big cities, coastal parks) and rely on first-come, first-served and boondocking (free, dispersed camping in national forests, Bureau of Land Management areas, or other dispersed sites) for other areas in non-peak times or less popular areas. This also seriously cuts down on the cost of our monthly camping fees.

As the natural planner that I am, I have planned our stays out from May 28th, 2018 to January 2nd, 2019. Crazy, I know. But, it frees me up to not worry as much while we are traveling and create more seamless travel days.

A lot of people have been asking me, “where are y’all going?” Well, let me tell you! This what we have done so far.

We had a lot of driving up front to get out of the heat of Texas and boy are we happy to be out of it. We talked about our travels up until now in a recent blog post, check it out here (First month on the road)!

After our stay here outside of Grand Teton National Park, we will be heading up to Yellowstone. From there, we will be joined by some friends for our stay in Glacier National Park. We will picking them up at an airport in Montana and making our way to the park. After Glacier, we will be making our way to North Cascades National Park, Lake Wenatchee State Park, Olympic National Park on the coast, and then stopping in Portland, OR for an extended stay of three weeks to spend time with friends and enjoy one of our favorite places.

After Portland, we will be spending the month of October traveling through Oregon, in a bit of a zig zag. We will be spending a week outside Trillium Lake, in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Then we will be heading over to the coast to see Cannon Beach and then spending the week at Cape Lookout State Park with some friends from Portland. After that, into the interior to Bend, Oregon. There we will be staying in the Deschutes National Forest while exploring the town and area. Then the trek down to Harris Beach State Park to spend another week on the beach.

As October comes to an end, we will start making our way back to Texas, slowly, for the holidays. As we make our way to Southern Utah for November, we will be spending a week at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. From there we we will be boondocking most of the month of November in the beautiful red deserts of Southern Utah hitting the Mighty Five parks.

From Moab, we will be hitting a few places on our way back to Texas for Thanksgiving. Then, we will spending the month of December in Austin, the only hospitable month in Austin, to visit friends and family.

Tentatively, our plan is to spend mid-January through February in Colorado, spending time in the snow and doing some skiing (I’ve never been before). Then, we plan to make it over to Southern California and spend the spring going up the coast to Canada! That’s the plan so far!

Thanks for sticking around to learn about our plans. Make sure to follow our instagram and keep an eye out for YouTube videos we will be putting out soon.

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